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Stephen was thorough and helpful. He had already done research in the county records on a house and found an open permit and discussed the host of issues around this before we even started. His thorough inspection gave me the info I needed to decide to not buy one house, and definitely buy another. He is very knowledgeable about what it will take to correct deficiencies he finds and I was surprised that his best guess estimates were fairly spot on when I priced follow-on repair services. Would highly recommend.

Christy H

Steve did several outstanding inspections for us in the spring of this year (2017), saving us from buying a lemon on at least one occasion. He is willing to come out on short notice, and is utterly thorough in his investigations, making (as much as is humanly possible) sure that as a prospective buyer one is not confronted with any nasty surprises. Steve, who has been a contractor himself for decades, is also versed in any area that needs to be checked, from roofs, gutters and sprinklers, to termites, electricity, appliances, plumbing, paint and caulking.You will not regret getting Inspectograff to inspect a home for you!

Adrian O'Connor

Did a great job on our inspection, wind mitigation, and 4 point inspection all at a reasonable cost. We did not have a realtor to help us through all the steps of buying a house, and as you can imagine we missed a couple steps and needed Inspect-O-Graff to expedite some of there work. The inspection was very detailed and did some after hours work for us right before the closing date. If I ever buy another house I will be coming back!

Sean Dugan

Never build a home without Inspect-0-Graff....they will save you a lot of headachs

Jim Hagen

Extremely thorough. Uncovered water damage, mold, and other issues on a house that looked immaculate.

Keith S.

Steve was very professional and knowledgeable. He performed a thorough and detailed inspection for my family and I. The value was great too, very reasonable.

Joe Abdo

Steve at Inspect-o-Graph is absolutely great! He takes his time and does a detailed inspection for home purchase or wind mitigation. Also, very fairly priced and often better than others. We are so pleased and confident with this company we have used them several times for inspections and have referred their services to many friends and co-workers! Any future needs we will be calling Inspect-o-Graph!

Gayle Telego

Great company. i have used them multiple times. Always reliable, friendly and fair price.

Charolette Grimmer