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Steve's inspections are invariably thorough and detailed and have easily saved us several hundred times his fee in potential costs to remedy defects in homes we were planning to purchase recently.

Todd Brouette

Steve did several outstanding inspections for us in the spring of this year (2017), saving us from buying a lemon on at least one occasion. He is willing to come out on short notice, and is utterly thorough in his investigations, making (as much as is humanly possible) sure that as a prospective buyer one is not confronted with any nasty surprises. Steve, who has been a contractor himself for decades, is also versed in any area that needs to be checked, from roofs, gutters and sprinklers, to termites, electricity, appliances, plumbing, paint and caulking.You will not regret getting Inspectograff to inspect a home for you!

Adrian O'Connor

Inspectograff is the best home inspector I have ever dealt with. I have used other home inspectors in the past, but chose them on the advice of my realtor. I knew from the first time I met Steve that I had made the right decision. I ended up using them for 2 separate home inspections, because I ended up backing out of my first purchase, thanks to Steve and his VERY thorough inspection. Steve saved me a LOT of heartache by spotting what turned out to be hidden termite structural damage that wasn't disclosed by the seller. I have seen other home inspectors in the past give minimal effort (not getting in the attic for example), but Steve always does his best to deliver a great inspection. Dealing with him and his wife Sherry, was always very easy painless. Their online delivery of their inspection reports through their website was also pretty convenient. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again.

Derek Cowser

I had an excellent experience with Inspect-O-Graff. I had my house build, and I hired Inspect-O-Graff to check every major aspect of the construction. Steve is a very professional.Every inspection report, was detailed, and included pictures ( he even took aerial pictures with a drone!). When necessary, he contacted my construction manager to ensure that every mistake found in his report was addressed and corrected.Steve is easy to reach over the phone; answer questions ( even if you have a million of them, like I did); he is on time; and he put his customer first. I would 100% recommend Inspect-O-Graff, to anyone who plans on buying a new or existing house, or building one.

lionel roc

Extremely thorough. Uncovered water damage, mold, and other issues on a house that looked immaculate.

Keith S.

Excellent service very detailed great job

raul rosario

Great customer service


Never build a home without Inspect-0-Graff....they will save you a lot of headachs

Jim Hagen

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